Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Names, But No Faces

I don't think I mentioned (actually, I know that I didn't) that on our family reunion trip, we passed near where Bonnie and Clyde were killed. We did not sight-see in the area. We were passing through. Anyway, another couple of pieces of trivia about them. Both are buried in the Dallas area (although not together). The car in which they were killed is in Whisky Pete's Casino south of Las Vegas. I learned both of those as I researched them this morning.

While I am name dropping, let me drop Scotland Yard. I have been to Scotland many times, but never seen this place. Why? Because it is in London, not Scotland. Wait. Then why is it called that? Scotland Yard (officially New Scotland Yard), the colloquial name for the Metropolitan Police Service headquarters in London, is named such because the rear entrance (which subsequently became the public entrance) for the original police headquarters was located on the street Great Scotland Yard and the street name became synonymous with the station. Now, you know.

Naming consumer products is an interesting art. For example, the hand soap in our bathroom is called Pacific Coral Reef. I don't know exactly what the scent is, but I am very sure it does not smell like a coral reef. That would be stinky, fishy smelling. I imagine calling it Stinky Fish Smell wouldn't foster the same number of sales.

I also am glad they renamed Fatty, Fried Artery-Clogging Dough Circles to Donuts, aren't you?

Dad had some kind of retina surgery yesterday (actually, macular pucker) , but is doing very well. As of last night, well aft6er the anesthesia should have worn off, he said he was not in pain. He goes to his regular eye doctor today to get the eyepatch off and see how things look. Unfortunately, it will be 3-6 months before he knows exactly how successful the surgery was.

Speaking of seeing, nothing that I can see was lost from my computer while getting repaired. Yes, my computer is back home after a trip to TX. They had to replace the main logic board. While this repair was at no charge to me, the power cable for it has been broken for a while, so I picked up a new one. $85 later, I was on my way home. Yes. $85 for a power cable.

I have already shared a lot of words, and you have not seen any pictures. Yes, I do have my computer back. Yes, all my photos are on there. However, since it was Tuesday, I had Chorale last night and got back too late to search through for any to share. OK, I will grab a couple of the shots from my smartphone. Just a moment.

We will start with a shot of my shadow while I was waiting for a group photo on our recent trip up north. Yes, just like the picture shows, I am 3/4 legs.

No, that is not just a stone wall. I just thought it was a good shot of my camera sitting their waiting to capture the group shot. It almost blends in.

I missed my music downloads last week. This week, I grabbed some Loggins & Messina from their 1974 Mother Lode album. I already have most of the others, including Sittin' In, Loggins & Messina, Full Sail, So Fine, Native Sons, and Sittin' In Again.

Time's Up! I cannot take any more time writing today's blog post. One, I need to get to work. Two, I want to save some material for tomorrow. Three, there is no three. Two should be enough. See you in 23 hours.

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