Monday, July 13, 2015

Ohh, THERE You Are

Here's a trick question. How long does it take for the Earth to do one complete orbit around the sun? I hope that you know the answer is one year. So, the Earth has circled the sun 238 times since the USA became an independent country. Another trick question. Have you heard of a spacecraft that is about to fly near Pluto after a nine year trip? How many times has Pluto circled the sun since the USA became a country? Did you guess 50 times? 10? Actually, it is not quite once. Crazy, huh?

Chizza, anyone? What is that, you may ask? Go ahead, I said you could ask. Remember that Pizza Hut offers a hot dog crust pizza? Well, KFC figures, why not replace the crust of your pizza with fried chicken? No, you can't have it yet...unless you go to the Philippines. It could be coming, though.

I found myself playing some basketball over the last few days. The family and I went up north to some cooler climes and had a relaxing weekend. The resort we stayed at has a rec center that includes basketball, racquetball, volleyball, ping pong, billiards, a pool and hot tub, and a small exercise room. So, since the youngest GRAND is into b-ball, I landed there a lot and we all had a good time. First, an artsy shot of one of the balls.

Then, the middle GRAND subtly posing for me with a ball.

And the youngest GRAND showing me his dribbling skills.

Did you even notice that I did not post a blog entry on Friday. Well, harrumph if you did not. Sorry if you did notice. I am back today (you probably guessed that based on today's post title) and expect the conversation at work to go something like this.

Breyers, according to Yahoo!, is the #2 best vanilla ice cream available. #1 is ... no, you'll have to read the article yourself.

It looks like I will not make it up to NYC for this year's Manhattanhenge. Manhattanhenge occurs when the sun lines up with cross streets before setting (named by Neil deGrasse Tyson because the occurrence reminded him of Stonehenge, where the sun aligns with ancient stones).

Who's ready for a shocker? It seems that most Americans do not have sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables in their diet. Well, that is maybe not as shocking as it should be. I know that, since I have backed off from being 100% vegan, I am probably not getting enough of some of the veggies and fruits. True, I still try to be over 50% plant-based, but I am not as diligent to eat a varied diet. How are you at including fruits and vegetables in your daily meals?

Go get some veggies and meet me here tomorrow.

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