Monday, July 06, 2015

What Was YOUR Fourth of July Weekend Like?

To tell you about the holiday, I have to go all the way back to last Wednesday because we had family in town. We went over to the folks' for pizza and wings and games. I forgot to bring board games, so Preacher Bro, his son and I played Spaceteam on our smartphones. It is a crazy game, and you can read about it here. And I shared a screenshot of it below. Anyway, we played three games, and I think that we reached Level 8.

And then, the next day at work, I told a friend about it and we played a couple of rounds during lunch. It is MUCH easier with only two, and we reached Level 9.

We were off for the holiday on Friday, but our family went to an Escape The Room adventure that featured a zombie. We beat it, but not without help from The Omnipotent. It was a lot of fun. The zombie definitely had fun with us. I told him my name was Luigi (like in the Mario games). At the end, as I 'escaped', he said "Luigi, I thought we were friends". Two of us were captured during the round. He told MBH, "Nana, I didn't want to get you." When we learned that he could be put to sleep by reading to him, MBH read a book section where Evan was leaving his girlfriend. Zombie, Dr. Oxy, noted, "I hate you, Evan".

On Saturday, we went for a cookout over at SS's house. While they did serve traditional hamburgers and hotdogs, they also had chicken wings. Mmm mmm. They were good. And Daughter-In-Love made a black bean salad that was delish. We brought some home and it is part of today's lunch. yeah, baby. We participated in the neighborhood fireworks, but at the end, GRAND#3 burned his hand a little on a sparkler. It had burned out, and he didn't realize the end would still be hot. We did see him yesterday and he was fine, so that's a blessing.

To round out the weekend, the multi-church chorale that I am part of sang at the nearby VA hospital. We sang religious songs, and a couple of patriotic medleys that got the group excited. Getting to these Sunday afternoon concerts is a challenge, but I know it is an effective and worthwhile ministry.

I don't think that I showed you the house my maternal grandmother lived in. We cruised through town when returning from the reunion a couple of weeks ago. It still looks pretty much the same as I remember it from years ago.

And when my paternal grandfather died, my grandmother moved into town to this house, just down the street from my other grandmother's place.

Recently, I shared an older-style comic because there are limitation in my current tool, Today is another of those times. It depicts two Frenchmen talking about the Statue of Liberty. 1) There is no Statue of Liberty in the library, nor clothing that looks like a robe, nor a torch; so, I cannot build my own. 2) I did not want to spend the time building a scene that looks like the last panel. 3) Even if I redid the strip, I would keep the verbiage the same because I think that I nailed my ideas the first time. So, let's jump in our DeLorean and drive 88 mph until we jump back to 2009.

OK, we have to work five whole days this week, so let's get 'er goin'. See you tomorrow.

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