Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wet and Wild (Except for the Wild Part)

Did you have any summer rains pass by your house last night? We did. A whole lot of wind and rain. I think I have had to clean my pool every night this week. Anyway, that reminded me that I have some inclement weather photos from our trip last weekend. Here is a view from our front porch.

And the rain falling on the mini-golf course in the middle of the campus.

This is always fun for kids...getting all wet in the rain.

And also from our porch, you could see this young aspen.

Speaking of water falling down and getting us wet, do you shower in the morning or the evening? For me, showering in the morning is a necessity. It is what kickstarts me into the day. Well, someone has analyzed whether morning or evening is better for you based on a few circumstances. It confirms that morning is the best time for my daily showers.

I weighed this morning and I am up 1/2 lb since Monday. SINCE MONDAY! What is going on? As you know, I eat fairly healthily. This article may give some clue. I have been eating a quinoa salad and black beans for lunch each day. As you can see in the story, A cup of quinoa contains the same amount of calories as 17 Doritos. And a cup of black beans has the calorie equivalent of a slice of the Carvel Celebration ice cream cake you can find in most grocery stores. I don't measure how much of each I eat, so I am sure I don't stop at one cup. I have GOT to get back to the gym. And it sounds like I should get back to unhealthy fast foods, right?

Did you hear that we had a spacecraft pass by Pluto yesterday? Yup, photos coming soon. How far away is that? I saw this graphic showing just how far away that really is, and it is excellent. They started by setting the size of the moon as 1 pixel and then put in the rest of the planets. As you scroll, read the comments between planets. Funny and interesting stuff. You really ought to look at it. I thought it was excellent.

Now, did you learn anything from that? Yes, there is a lot of empty space in the solar system. Just think how much there is between stars. Anyway, I saw a link for 37 websites that help you learn more things. Languages. Computer languages. Coding. Chess. Piano. Guitar. Get going and learn something new everyday.

Let's check in on some of my Bitstrips characters. As you may or may not know, I have to create each of my people by selecting the various features that make them up. Things like hair color, eye shape, body build, clothing, glasses, are all selected when I create them. The challenge comes when I am trying to make them look like someone I know. I think MBH came out quite well. So did many others. Let's see what those wacky people are up to today.

And we are almost at the halfway point for the week. Make it a good one.

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