Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cacti, Cricketi, and Clariti (Plurals End with 'i', Right?)

Do you ever walk outside your house and actually look at the cactus growing there? What, no cactus in your front yard? We do, and I came outside in the cool morning air and found these lovely flowers blooming. They will shrivel and fall in the heat of the day, so I grabbed a photo while I could.

Our family room has a popcorn ceiling. Do you know what that is? It isn't really popcorn. It is a bumpy surface made of sprayed-on paper products. It tends to capture dirt and dust and is a pain (literally and figuratively) to remove. So, you can imagine that headlines talking about to eliminate it catch my eye. This article suggests covering it with planking. Painted white, that could work in the den.

Did I share this woman's photography before? Wow, it is really impressive. Look at this one called "Like a Harp’s Strings I – Overture". Her name is Julia Anna Gospodarou and you can see more of her excellent work here.

Did you watch every Friends episode? How about "The One With The Beatle"? I know that you did not because, even though they tried to get Paul McCartney for a 2-episode arc, he said he was too busy. Can you guess what role he would have played? Check it out.

Here's a map I came across. It seems to be most helpful if you want to know how far away Ohio is from wherever you are.

Prefer a map covering the NFL? You got it.

Prefer today's Clarity of Vision? You got it. 

BTW, I did not get stopped NOR get a ticket today. It's a comic strip, people. Sometimes, I just go for laughs.

Looking for a nice, healthy mid-afternoon snack? How about a Chaco Bar? You say that you have never heard of that? Yeah, it's new on the market with the "leanest, meanest, and most eco-friendly protein source out there". According to the article, it adds "protein, unsaturated fat and minerals, plus B vitamins and iron to your diet". We are, of course, talking about cricket bars. Wait, did that just crawl out of the package?

Do you ever go into Pinterest? It seems most of us use the tool to hold ideas for things we will do in the future. I have a Games page of my own (and Follow others) for games I might want to buy or that sound interesting. I have a page with ideas on hanging photos in aesthetic ways. One lady uses it every morning to help her get dressed. No, she remembers how to button or zip or whatever. She types in a description of an article of her clothing and sees what photos display to give her new ideas on how to mix and match from her own closet. That is NOT to imply that I think some of you need guidance on your attire.

Time's up for today. Here I was on a roll sharing stuff with you when the clock on the wall said I had to get back to work. I suppose I should. Hasta la tomorrow.

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