Monday, November 07, 2016

Negativity? Campaign Ads and Worst Prez and Greater Mistakes

It turns out that backwards running is a real sport. No, I don't expect it in the Olympics anytime soon but that doesn't mean there are not some skilled competitors. And there is an International Retro Running World Championship. And there is a Guinness record for a backward mile. You can read the guy's story here.

Only two more days of election ads. Aren't you ready for all this negativity to go away? No, let's says the negative ads will be gone, but there could still be some negativity around since it seems we have two less-than-ideal candidates, one of which will be our president for at least four years. All we can do is pray, people. PRAY!

Speaking of elections, who would you say is the worst president ever? Nixon because of Watergate? Grant because of graft and corruption? Mo Rocca makes the case for James Buchanan. Seems logical.

How many unique ways can you come up with to use the IKEA Ribba Picture Shelves? This article lists 20 ways. Some of them seem clever. Full disclosure: I do have some in my house, and I use them as... picture shelves.

One day, we were driving up a trail near Ouray, Colorado, and we came across a nice little pond with some cool reflections of the mountains behind it. Here is one of the shots we caught while the water was semi-smooth. I also captured some drone footage over this pond. No negativity here, right?

This next photo makes me smile, but not for the reason you might expect. It is a nice shot, although the water surface is not quite as smooth. No, it reminds me a discussion I had with Preacher Bro. I said I liked those cat-o-nine-tails and he teased me, claiming they were called cat-tails. It turns out we were both right.

Realistic life goal time. OK, this might imply a little negativity, but in  funny way.

Guide to life in Sticky Notes.

I think I may have overloaded you with too much stuff today, not al of which was negative. Let's go have a Magnificent Monday and come back together another day.

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