Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kids and Cats and Canned Biscuits

Who doesn't love biscuits? I know that I do, although they are probably not great for me. Still, this article describes 6 ways you can use the canned ones to build a pretty tasty meal. The Monkey Bread and the Calzones look the best, although our sister-in-law made the dumplings on vacation and they were really good.

We are not through with food-related stories though. Oh no! And the reason this next one caught my eye was a sandwich that includes cheese, roasted strawberries and dark chocolate. No, I don't want to to try it. In fact, I have not eaten a grilled cheese sandwich in over 3 years, but that doesn't mean you might like some of the options in this article.

NLTD's boyfriend thinks I should look at replacing my current fitness tracker with an older Apple Watch. I haven't decided for sure to replace my tracker yet. I am just considering options because the band on my unit it looking really grubby. I mainly use it to make sure I take a minimum of 5,000 steps per day. I know that is below the recommended 10,000 steps that somebody (but I don't know who) recommends.

No, this photo is not my family, but the cat reminds me of ours. What cat, you may ask? Check the close up in the lower right.

The 16-member small group that I am leading at our Chorale is going very well. We are working on an arrangement of Silent Night that we will sing at the Christmas Party and probably as the offertory at one of the concerts.

This photo has a story. MBH and I were walking the neighborhood circle in Ouray, CO, this summer. As we neared the end, I noticed the mountain in the distance and liked the way it looked. I stopped to take this photo and a homeowner asked me why I was taking a photo of her house. I pointed out that I was shooting the peak in the distance and she allowed me to continue. I should have taken a photo of her house without telling her, but I didn't.

Later that same day, a light rain passed through and I took these shots.

Got kids? I know that you are thankful for them. Today, your assignment is to thank God for them and the blessing they are to your life. Oh, and also, turkeys. They taste really good. For me, I'm thankful for malted milk balls. Two days until Thanksgiving.

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