Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Running and Jumping, but Not Debating

I am not saying my wife would do this, but I am not saying that she wouldn't.

My confusion does not stem from the woman on the ground imitating what the sign says she should do. It comes from whatever the sign even meant. What was it?

Here's a realistic life goal that I could get behind.

Let's not talk about the presidential debate last night. Well, you can talk about it, but I am not going to mention it in today's post. I am not going to say that the media today is buzzing and the consensus so far is that Clinton won. I didn't watch it. Did you? Did it change the way you feel about either candidate? Exactly.

Who's going to Disney World soon? Well, certainly not me. For those who are, though, I found an interesting fact about the Epcot ride This Island Earth. "When Disney makes updates to its parks, the old parts and machinery aren’t always thrown out, and instead are sometimes repurposed elsewhere on the property. One of the most interesting examples of this involves The Hall of Presidents attraction, which has been in operation in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom since 1971, but has needed numerous updates throughout its 45-year history. Consequently, some of the old “robot” presidents have been moved to other roles on other rides — specifically Epcot’s Spaceship Earth. President James Buchanan now plays Johannes Gutenberg, while Andrew Jackson is one of his assistants. Additionally, President Taft is an Egyptian priest, Teddy Roosevelt is a Roman senator, Zachary Taylor is a centurion, John Adams is a monk, John Tyler is a Turk, Franklin Pierce is a scholar, and Dwight D. Eisenhower is a mandolin player."

Clearly, these guys missed the memo that the stairs there on their right side are a much easier way to go uphill towards the house.

Instead, it seems that the stairwell is actually a parkour-type obstacle to be jumped over rather than climbed.

"Well, if our daddies can do it, so can we."

I am fairly certain that this was the youngest parkourer (is that a word?).

And that's a wrap, folks. Take 24 and come back tomorrow.

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The Grandparents said...

Great series of pics with appropriate snarky comments.