Thursday, September 15, 2016

Explosive Dogs, Sucking at Trumps, and Vacation Memories

We begin today's missive (well, it is kind of a missive even though it is not a letter) with a look at a professional canine at work. He says his job is the bomb. Ha ha.

Next, check out this museum's artist-in-residence. I sense another masterpiece is coming soon. This guy has mad skillz not dissimilar to my own.

I found another guy who Photoshops himself into photos. This guy starts with celebrity photos. Let's see what he does with a Trump family photo.

He also joins Hillary on her couch. I think she likes him a little. I think this editing job is amazing.

She threw it away last night. I'm talking about MBH throwing away one of my towels. It was a little larger than the others and I would often use that same one for weeks, grabbing it straight out of the dryer after each washing. All that washing, though, began to fray one of the edges and strings have been hanging off of it for weeks. Finally, she said, "I'm going to throw that away," and did before I could object. Why am I upset? I will admit that I like my routine. As you have heard before, I set up everything at night so I can follow a morning routine. I leave the house for work in the morning within 5 minutes of the same time everyday. And this towel was part of it. You may wonder how long I would have continued to use it? I wonder that myself. In fact, that is what prompted me to share the story today. What if the fraying continued onto a second side of the towel? Then a third? When would I let go? What other traditions or routines am I clinging to when they should be discarded? I'll need to think about it.

Today's devotional is about remembering the Sabbath day, to keep it holy, from Exodus 20:8. As the author states, "Existentialist philosophers say that life is absurd, that it is but a prelude to death. All of life, they proclaim, is virtually empty of value because it has no ultimate goal better than what one already has. Life is going nowhere. Yet, keeping the Sabbath is in fact a celebration of just the opposite: It is all about life and its great goal as planned by the very Creator! It concerns His ongoing creative process toward our being made into the spiritual image of His Son. As we proceed through the time given to us, the more we become like Him, the more sanctified we become from the world. In this mentally refreshing and elevating experience, we have a tiny foretaste of what is to come." Amen, right?

Ironton, CO, which we have discussed ad nauseum before in this blog, is just a nice day outing neat Ouray. We make a point of visiting it every year, and this summer was no exception. All 42 of us headed out there for some hiking and a picnic. Here, you can see much of the group gathering at lunchtime. I see nieces and nephews and their spouses. There are a few grandkids in the center of the shot and over by the house in the background. I can see a couple of sisters-in-law and a brother. Plus, MBH is sitting there in the front looking at the group.

And here the rest of the group. There's one of my bros talking to MBH. I see Mom over on the left. More nieces and nephews and spouses and kids. Sorry, one of the faces is obscured for legal reasons. You can see there are other Ironton buildings in the background. Those are the ones we saw in the drone photo posted earlier this week.

Some of the group hiked up to Yankee Boy mine. Some of us were on a 4-wheel trail up Corkscrew Gulch that I have shared earlier. After a fun afternoon, we headed back into town for shopping for clothing and souvenirs, going to the only grocery store for some fixins for dinner, eating, hitting the ice cream shop, out to our cabin. Oops, I lied. We did not need to get anything for dinner or lunch this day because we at eat the Mexican food restaurant that night. But that's a story for another day.

"I tawt I taw a puddy tat." Have you ever heard that phrase? I remember it from Tweety and Sylvester cartoons a few years ago (OK, more than a few). I remembered it because of this next photo of a church that looks like Tweety Bird (at least it does to me).

Before we go (I only have three minutes left), here is a funny fail on someone trying to recreate a Pinterest idea. First, the inspiration,

Cute, right? OK, now let's see the more realistic result of trying this type of photo.

We are on the downhill side of this week, people. When you go downhill, do you try to stay on your feet or are you willing to slide down on your backside? Hopefully, you can stay upright this week and come back soon for more interesting content.

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