Monday, September 19, 2016

Mushy Oatmeal, Trash Talking and Gen X vs Millennials

Do you like oatmeal? I remember, growing up, that Mom would make a big batch of oatmeal for the family (before the quick versions available nowadays). To sweeten it, she would add sweetened condensed milk instead of brown sugar. I remember eating it by scraping my spoon around the edge all the time to capture that delicious milky flavor of the milk plus the oatmeal. I might taste a little too sweet for me now, but that memory is just the right amount of sweet.

I thought of that because I came across an article about making oatmeal taste like heaven. They suggest toasting the oats with butter before preparing the oatmeal. Go read the article and stop asking me questions.

A little less like heaven is an article claiming that James Buchanan was the worst. president. ever. I didn't know anything about him, but some of the things he did (or didn't do) sound, well, not great. Read it and see what you think. Could Trump or Clinton be worse?

Last week, we saw a photo of the cousins. This week, we see the grand-cousins. You know, the kids of our kids. I chose the one that seems to show most of them looking picturesque. That does mean they are not normally photogenic; it is more a comment on keeping them smiling and looking at the camera.

I am not saying that the two ladies in front are trash-talking. You can draw your own conclusion based on where they are standing.

Here is the Walsh Library, with the fire station beside it just up the hill. In the background, you can see Cascade Falls.

How about a true-life, realistic life goal? Here's one I could possibly achieve.

One of today's Photoshop involving celebrities is more successful (in my eyes) than the other. Which do you think came out better? We'll start with Macaulay Culkin.

And how about Donald Trump?

I think the sharpness of the Photoshop guy's image compared to Trump's image makes it look less real. Your mileage may vary.

We went to see Cabaret last week. They did a good job with the production. It is just a sad musical, and a little risque. It was hard for me to understand the leading lady, between her accent and not knowing the songs as well. And a few times, the live band on stage overpowered the singing. Still, a live production is always more fun than a video or movie.

Survivor is coming back for a new season. Have you given up on it? I have not. This season pits Gen X against Millennials. So I guess the 'old' ones in the show will be up to 50ish, and the youngest could be in their early 20s. Let's see what happens. Can the Millennials organize well enough to beat Gen X?

You have survived another week and we are starting a new one. You have also survived today's post in my blog, and that speaks to your persistence. Congrats. OK, let's get going. See you soon.

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