Monday, September 26, 2016

Dogs and Cats. Blogging Together. Mass Hysteria.

I don't know if this is real or not, but I found it funny.

I am certain this one is real, and I found it funny, too. It reminded me of Tom and Jerry.

And this one was cute.

For today's 365 Stupidest Things calendar:
headline, Associated Press article

The vice president under which our team works is from Australia. Brisbane, maybe? Anyway, I bring this up because I found an article talking about the fact that the continent moves about 2.7 inches northward every year, and ti has somewhat of a clockwise rotation. The story mentioned that, since 1994, it has moved 4.9 feet. Just an interesting fact, you say? Au contraire. Think of what that does to GPS. What if an airport landing strip move some 5 feet from where the airplane expected it? What happens if a self-driving car were to suddenly be shifted by 5 feet? Apparently, North America moves about 1 inch per year. I don't know about the US, but Australia will officially adjust their GPS at the end of the year.

Did I mention that an artificial intelligence has written a pop song in the style of The Beatles? I don't think so, but if you've seen this, you can skip over it. The song is called "Daddy's Car". The article calls it "a catchy, sunny tune reminiscent of The Beatles." To me, it sounded a bit more like Paul McCartney's stuff after The Beatles. BTW, the AI wrote the music. A person actually penned the words and harmonies.

Ah, yes, 1973. What happened that year? One thing was that Johnny Cash released a movie called 'Gospel Road'. He and family recorded an album of gospel songs and this movie used those songs to tell the story of Jesus. One of the songs that I have heard was 'I See Men as Trees Walking.' I thought of that because today's devotional is from Mark 8:22-26. In that passage, a man is at first partially healed and says he can see a little and men look like tress walking.

Ah, yea, 2016. What happened that year? We had the first family reunion for my folks and their kids. One day, a few of us went to eat at Tacos del Gnar in Ridgway. It is right across the street from the park you saw a few days ago.

It was an interesting, eclectic spot with some pretty good food.

"What? Can't a guy just take his girl out for dinner and bowling?" This is GRAND#3 playing bowling on a phone while his cousin looks on.

Seeing him reminds me that we had a good time when the GRANDS spent Saturday night. The girls and I went to the drone park. He and I went to McDonald's for lunch. We started the day together at a celebration ceremony for daughter-in-love's grandfather, Gale. It was a great service. Our visit ended Sunday morning when we joined SS and family at their church. It was a good weekend.

One thing we did not do was eat in the restaurant at True Grit. We did have a meal catered by them, but with 42 of us, we could not all fit into their restaurant space.

OK, working time. At least I found a few things to share before ending today's post. I'll be back soon.

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