Thursday, October 02, 2014

Maybe It's Your Eyes?

Do you ever wish you were an artist of some kind? I see people that can visualize a scene and draw it and I am jealous. Or people that actually practiced piano when they were young and can play well now. I am listening to Fink singing Perfect Darkness as I type this and he has a nice soft voice. He sang the closing song on a recent Scorpion episode, so I looked him up and kind of like him. Anyway, I wish I had that kind of easy listening voice like him or James Taylor or Michael Buble.

Why am I talking about this? Am I down on myself? Not at all. I found a photo I took in Zion National Park of a woman drawing a canyon scene and she said I could take a photo of her drawing.

After that, I snapped a shot of the scene she was looking at so we can all see how well she draws.

Don't you just love those majestic cliffs? Here is a closeup of the mountain at the end of the main road.

But wait! There's more! Did you notice anything unusual on the cliffside in that last photo? We would not have, either, if we hadn't been there and seen everyone looking up. Look at it again. Can you see them? No? Just a moment.

Still not sure. Fine.

OK, that was your last try.

A few days ago, I mentioned the exciting offering of caffeinated underwear. Well, you can take it because the company has taken it off. Off the shelf, that is. Sorry.

Do you dislike loud sounds? Have you ever heard that scientist feel the Krakatoa volcano explosion back in '83 (1883, that is) was the loudest sound ever made? It would be like hearing a noise in Boston that was made in Dublin. You can read a lot more details in this fascinating article.

Hey, did anyone notice that I forgot to place yesterday's Clarity of Vision comic in yesterday's blog post? obviously, I didn't notice or I would have added it in. Sometimes, in the morning when I generate my post, I get behind on time while looking for additional content and decide I need to get it put up. I guess that happened yesterday. Today, though, I am ready for it. So, here are yesterday's and today's installments.

On today's comic, I had only written down 'no bikini atoll' for the idea and did not know what else I would include. Let's see where the scary mind mentioned in the previous comic went. It was unexpected, even for me.

Guess what I just read!!! Go on, guess. It seems NBC is bringing back.... wait for it.... The Sing Off. Yeah, the a capella singing competition that gave us Pentatonix and Nota and Home Free. It will be a holiday special.

Read Parvati's take on last night's Survivor episode here. What did Jeff Probst think of Val's play last night? And check out some of Jeff's personal photos.

We have all witnessed and experienced the new world of air travel and the changes in how it works. Luckily, they still treat us as important and care about us as a consumer, right? Check out this 'personal' email response from United Airlines to 'Mr. Human'.

We've had fun today, you got extra helpings of photos and CoVs, so you should be OK for 24 hours or so, right? See you on Friday.

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