Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's Hyper-Real Tuesday

I was looking for what photos to share last night and came across this one from Cushman Lake south of Telluride, CO. Well, I did not come across this version, but I wondered what it would look like as a watercolor. Now, we both know. Yes, colors in watercolor tend to be either muted or hyper-real.

Since I played with one photo, I played with a second one. This was taken near an abandoned mill just outside Ophir, CO. I made it black and white since the scene was mostly shades of that anyway.

You want another photo to make it an even three (can three be even)? I know. This is the view we could see out of our picture window all day. How would you like to wake up to a view like that everyday?

Let's take a quick detour to see someone else's adjusted photo. Here, Matt Seuss has an HDR photo of Sunrise in Zion National Park. What do you think of it? Too processed? Colors a little (or a lot) too hyper-real?

Now for something completely different, with colors that are never too hyper-real.

Do y'all have a presence on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Pinterest? Google+? Tumblr? Instagram? VK? Flikr? Vine? Those are the top 10 social media sites? I have accounts on three of them.

Do you ever go to Six Flags or Disneyland and miss some of the rides you remember from the past? Here is a list of 11 Former Disney Rides that you might wish were still around...or maybe not. Since I saw the above article about Disney, I looked for similar information about Six Flags and found this site.

Is a soft drink healthier or safer if it does not contain artificial sweeteners or high-fructose corn sweetener? What if it contains 29 grams of sugar? Pepsi's new product, Caleb's Kola, could be just what you are looking for.

In even LESS appetizing news comes the announcement of poop pills to treat bacterial infections. Yes, they are EXACTLY what they sound like, except they are frozen.

Does Paul McCartney still have the voice to carry off a national tour? You can read about it and listen to a little of it online. If any of you have a travel guitar, check out his version of 'Something' on a ukelele.

Speaking of The Beatles, I see that the piano John Lennon used to write Imagine is in the Musical Instrument Museum in PHX. Everyone should go check that out when you are in the area. Or if you are actually closer to Abbey Road, you can stay in this hotel and they will gladly tell you how to see McCartney's house nearby, and get you to the famous crosswalk. In LA (that's Los Angeles, not Louisiana), read paragraph three and see some Beatles-related locations there.

Look at the clock on the wall. I'm glad we've Come Together, but it's time (Yes, It Is) to Let It Be Because this Fool on a Hill has to earn Money (That's What I Want). I Should Have Known Better than start this Beatles song title ending. Goodbye.

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