Monday, October 20, 2014

A Swing and a Mrs. (a take on a baseball call in case you missed the reference)

There was a whole pile of us swinging all weekend long. Between rehearsals and flights for out-of-town family and meals and a wedding, there was never a dull moment the whole time. And now, there is a new Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady (a song from Funny Girl in case you missed the reference) in the family. Congrats, J&L.

OK, what about photographs? Well, I got nothing for ya (a quote from Survivor, in case you missed the reference). I meant to upload some, but we were tired last night and I just forgot.

I already need to amend that last paragraph. I snapped a shot from here in my cubicle, and I got onto Facebook on my phone and finally figured out how to pull a shot from there onto my phone and then sent it to me email by logging onto Gmail. So, Yippee Ky Yi Ya (a quote from Die Hard, in case you missed the reference).

I have mentioned before that I have a Southwestern Colorado calendar on my cube wall. I purchase one every year up in Ouray, and I do have my 2015 one ready. This show, though, is from October of this year, and it is a place we went to. I will share our photos of Ironton Township another day, but this is the shot that author Bruce Gulde captured for his calendar.

What do you think? He does have some nice light captured, but I think we can at least keep up with him. I will remind you when the time comes. My second photo was actually taken by MBH on her iPhone. I also have my version of her phone from my DSLR, but in this case, I DO NOT think I kept up with her. I may or may not remind you of her shot when I upload mine. Hers is really good. Take a look.

Do you read much? Are there any scenes from books that stick in your mind? Is that easier if there was a movie made from the book? OK, to help us both, someone has taken to capturing those in Legos. You will find scenes from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Moby Dick, 20,000 League Under the Sea. It will only take a couple of minutes to look through them, so do it now before you finish today's blog post.

Do you suffer from mood swings? It may not be your fault. "Babies born in the summer are much more likely to suffer from mood swings when they grow up while those born in the winter are less likely to become irritable adults, scientists claim." You can see more about the research here.

Look at the middle headline below. If the smugglers can get a system like this worked out, they can really CLEAN UP. Get it? Washing machine? Clean up?  Fine, let's move on.

Let's take a break. More like a breakdance. Watch this breakdance conversation between Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt. It is very clever.

Most of you know that there are very few topics that do not provide fodder for Clarity of Vision. How about ebola? No, not exactly as it is being reported. More like how my mind interprets the letter that make up the word.

The post looks long enough for one sitting, so I will stop for now. Have a magnificent Monday.

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