Monday, July 14, 2014

Yup, I'm Still Here

OK, it might be more accurate to say that I am still around. The definition of 'here' gets a little tricky since, on Saturday and all of last week, 'here' was in the mountains of Southwestern Colorado". We made a trip up with my folks, Salesman Son and family, and Ex-NZ Niece and hubby. You should have been there (paying your own way, of course). It did get a little warm on some days (it got up to 80F one day!), but that is better than the 100's back home. It rained most afternoons, but we were OK with that, too. And once we got above 10,000 ft, it was nice and cool. I took a number of pictures, but I did not upload any for me to share from my work computer, so you will need to wait for those. Several were shared on Facebook already, so go there if you are connected to us.

Speaking of vacay, have you ever been to Yellowstone? That is a cool park, but it is a long way from home, so I've only been there 2-3 times ever. Did you read about that road closing due to thermal activity causing it to melt? Can you believe anyplace gets hotter than PHX in the summer? It must be true. And yesterday, there was an earthquake there. NOOO. That's what made Old Faithful's eruption schedule not be as faithful. I hope no other features were impacted.

For now, it is time to exit vacation mode and get back to work. Don't you hate that transition? Back to life. Back to reality. Oh well, this is what makes vacation possible and pays the bills.

Oops. We DID use spray-on sunscreen on the GRANDS. According to Consumer Reports, we should not be doing that. What about you?

Not only were there no blog posts last week, there were no Clarity of Vision comics created. And now that I am getting back on my regular routine, it is time again for a new CoV.

One of the GRANDS listened to Weird Al no matter what type of driving or off-roading we were doing. So, it is a fun coincidence that his newest album comes out tomorrow. I listened to a preview of the tracks and I think I only recognized a few of the original songs. I know there are parodies of Radioactive, Blurred Lines, Happy and Ruler.

I don't think either of the girls listened to any Beatles tunes. What is up with that? Are SS and Daughter-in-Love not doing their parental duties? For the rest of you, though, check out these facts about A Hard Day's Night.

Let's get political for just a moment. Have you been following the news reports about all these children coming into the country from Central and South America? There are so many, and our laws allow them to stay until they are granted an asylum hearing, which can take years. Meantime, they can stay with family or in a government facility. I know the government is shipping these kids and families to states across the country (including Nebraska). I don't like this, but certainly, I don't want the kids to be sent back into dangerous situations, either. How do you feel about it?

On Syfy network this past weekend, they showed all the old Planet of the Apes movies. I did end up watching some of several of them. Wow, those rubber masks weren't a fraction as realistic as the newer, motion capture digital effects. I also see that the newest movie dominated the box office. Are you planning to see it? I think I want to.

Who is surprised that Mariah Carey photos released to the press are retouched? Anyone? Beuller?

Oh man, I have GOT to get going. Thanks for checking back after my week off.

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Keith said...

Welcome back. You were missed.