Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Photos Shared and Links Included and LeBron Mentioned

How about some photos from our recent vacation? Actually, that is a rhetorical questions since I am going to share a few anyway. I will even include a little photography lesson.

We rented a house just north of town and enjoyed the lovely south-facing deck everyday. Here we are on our first morning in Ouray, CO.

And here is the place on our last morning. OK, so we may have had a few wild nights.

I don't know about you, but I think it looks cool when you take pictures of water where it looks all smooth and silky. That is done by keeping the shutter open a long time. During the day, that requires something over the lens to make it darker so the shot won't get too blown out. Luckily, I have an ND2 (Neutral Density filter which makes it two stops darker). So, these next two photos are both using the ND2, with the first taken at F25 and the second at F36 (which lets in less light). Both were open for 1/2 second. I found it interesting how the nearby slope was lighter in the first, and the line of trees across the back were darker in the second.

Do you ever eat the peels from your fruit? According to some, they contain a lot of healthy stuff. I suppose that could work if I were a juicer (like Teacher Daughter), but I'm not, and I currently just throw that stuff away. Shame on me, huh?

Who doesn't like watching a building implosion or a bridge collapsing? I am not sure how you feel about them, but I like those kinds of videos. Here is a bridge being demolished in Cleveland, and I am thinking no one was on it at the time.

A model proclaimed her dislike for Forever 21 recently, saying she was once deemed fat and mistaken for a high-priced hooker. However, I mention this only to remind you that prostitutes are now called hookers because of a Civil War general named Hooker (unless the name was already in use). Reead the story and decide for yourself.

I did not actually listen to the attached audio clip, but I did read the transcript of a guy trying to cancel his Comcast subscription. The customer service agent was certainly tenacious (but not Tenacious D).

I am currently not eating milk products, including cheese. Even if I were, though, this sounds like too much cheese. A pizza with a double cheese crust? No thanks.

There is a study that file sharing of movies does not hurt their box office. Oh wait, I read about this study on TorrentFreak, which might make the findings a little suspect.

OK, let's CoV and get Tuesday started. Thanks for staying with me.

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Lewis said...

I'm guessing you did not get your security deposit back on the rental. Glad you made it back. Nice pics. Tell everyone out there that Lewis and Gomer said Hey.