Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Dam Shame

Here is a shot of Sneffel's Creek in Yankee Boy Basin. In years past, we have always built a small dam in the creek at a place about 10 yards upstream from here. This year, we did not do so (at least not here in our usual spot). So, that's where the title came from.

And here is SS, JV, and JW sitting on a huge rock which overlooks the place we build the dam I mentioned above.

And here is JV throwing rocks into the creek just downstream from the rock we just looked at.

Spoiler alert: Fried Chicken Oreos are not real, despite the photos you may have seen on the interweb.

I had some fruit salad to go with my lunch yesterday, but when I tried it, it tasted bad. Maybe I should have paid attention to the expiration date. So, here is a little info about the Use By dates and the Sell By dates.

What made me think of the 1963-1966 cartoon The Mighty Hercules this morning? I don't know, but I remember it every time I see an ad for the new Hercules movie with The Rock. And of course, the catchy theme song is memorable, sung by Johnny Nash (who sang I Can See Clearly Now).

And I also remembered Paul Harvey, which led me to remember his annual retelling of The Man and The Birds. If you have never heard it (or haven't listened in a long time), click through right now. Have a tissue ready.

Spotted on the web this morning.

Wait. I thought giving fingers was bad?

Help me understand this headline from Yahoo! Are they saying it is bad to sit in coach class on airlines, or there is some athletic coach who is a real pain?

Did you watch The Tonight Show last Monday? Jimmy and Kate Hudson played Box of Lies. It's pretty silly and fun. Who won? Go watch it.

We cannot delay any longer. It is time to reveal today's CoV. You can choose that, or what is behind Door #2. No, actually, you have no choice because...there is no Door #2.

I will end with the famous words uttered by Paul Harvey at the end of every broadcast. If you ever heard him, be sure to read it with the upwards inflection he always used.

"Good Day"

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