Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh Come On!

I remember even thinking about uploading some photos, and I took a few new ones on a brief trip up into the mountains this weekend, and guess what? Yes, I STILL forgot. What is up with that? On my iPhone, I am playing some brain builder games, and guess what? I STILL forgot to share any photos. The old grey matter just isn't what it used to be.

In my defense, I had a distraction about CPA Cuz. It seems a recent doctor visit revealed he has a couple of tumors that need to be checked out. Having dealt with cancer myself, I know how scary even the possibility of having it can be. Please keep him (and his family) in your prayers.

Back to our trip up north, did you even notice I had no posts on Thursday or Friday? No? Well, we are coming up on our anniversary and decided to treat ourselves to a break from hot weather and celebrate. It was nice (a little rain, and 34 degrees cooler during the day), and we went for a couple of hikes. We saw the most recent Star Trek offering (Star Trek Into Darkness) and World War Z (finally, a show where the zombies are fast...really fast) and enjoyed them. We played mini golf, and even did...nothing. We often celebrate our anniversary early since MBH is already back in school when the actual date rolls around.

I was looking for interesting links in Yahoo! this morning, and I saw this.

Look at the middle story. It is an add for a sleep-aid from CVS, but check out the accompanying picture. Did they choose it because her eyes are closed? "Hey, look at this shot, guys. It's got a pretty girl, so the guys will want to buy it. Maybe women will think they can look like her if they take it. And her eyes are closed, so that confirms it helps you sleep."

I saw an article taking Glenn Beck to task for his attack on Common Core in schools. Whether I like Beck or not, my concern is one already voiced by MBH. "OK, fine, then talk about realistic alternatives that can reach all school children in all levels of schools." I understand that the learning environment has evolved since my school days, but wee need to choose a path and pursue it to see what works and what doesn't. Maybe Common Core won't be the ultimate answer, but we need to find what is.

Thinking of this, I just did a little digging to see what the change to math was called that came along while SS was in grade school. I did not find it, but she and I both remember that, when I was helping her, I struggled with the new curriculum and said, "I don't understand what they want, but let me show you how to find the answer in the manner I was taught." Actually, I am sure I did not speak quite so plainly (who says "manner in which I was taught"), but you understand the point I am making.

Whew. Something got me onto a soapbox today. I have cooled off now, and just in time. I have already been responding to emails today and it is time to start doing the work for which I am paid. So, thanks for checking in, and I will.... Oh wait, I forgot one thing. Today's CoV. Anyway, see you tomorrow.

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