Thursday, July 17, 2014

An RX for Photo FX and Video FX

Who's ready for a photography lesson? If not, skip on down past these photos. If you are, read on, MacDuff.

We'll start with this shot. Notice first that the focus is on the flowers in the foreground and not the waterfall. Also, it was taken at 1/50th of a second, so the water stops in mid-flow.

Now, a similar shot except it is taken at 1/40th of a second. Notice the water is a bit more smooth, but still choppy looking.

We will now move to 1/15th of a second. Focus remains in the foreground, and the waterfall is now much smoother looking.

Finally, a photo at 1/13th. It is a bit smoother, although that may be only slightly more so than the previous shot.

Tomorrow, we will move into even longer shutter times. Well, assuming I remember to upload the photos tonight.

Speaking of photo effects, I just watched a super-cool video about creating the HBO program Game of Thrones. Even if you don't watch the show, you should check this out. It shows how little reality there needs to be to make realistic-looking scenes. And there is an equally cool one for HBO's Boardwalk Empire, too.

And still speaking about photo stuff, check out this Civil War photobomb. Notice anything unusual? No, it's not the dude in the middle doing a Napoleon imitation with his hand. Look in the lower right corner.

It was nice and cool up in the mountains, but we were never frozen. Speaking of Frozen, though, how about Frozen meets Star Wars. Check out the video on YouTube.

I am sure you have read before about how stores and restaurants have tricks to get us to spend out hard-earned bucks. Here is a reminder about some the food industry is using.

I saw on Yahoo today that Rose McGowan is mad that people are saying she resembles Michael Jackson. Weird story, all right, but the weirder part for me is the photo they used to present her personal details. I attached it below. Hilarious, right? She's not even in it!

OK, I've filled your eyeballs and mind with enough for today. Oh, wait. Let's do one more thing before we part. Take a moment to look at a four-panel Clarity of Vision comic, inspired by a news article I saw about a New Jersey town being struck by over 10,000 bolts of lightning in one storm. My first reaction? Who counted all those things?

OK, go on. Live your life. I set you free, hoping you will one day return.


The Grandparents said...

OK, I give up. What's in the lower right corner?120

Keith said...

Yeah, me too. The picture is still pretty small even when I click on it. Is that the face of someone we know?