Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mannequins and Aliens and Ben Affleck

Well, I actually remembered to grab a couple of photos last night. My process is usually to grab the next 2-3 photos from my last shoot and share them. And I was starting to do that. I grabbed this first photo of the graduating nephew and his family.

And then, as I was looking for the next shot and I realized that there is something common among the photos. Let's look at them as a group. Here he is with his uncle.

And with his brother.

And here he is posing with his mother and brother while his father takes a photo.

And finally, he struck up a pose while his parents stole a kiss.

Did you find the commonality among the various photos? Look again at Mr. Graduate. I strongly suspect we were simply using a cardboard cutout instead of my great-nephew. Maybe he's really a mannequin? I see the exact same smile, hairdo, body position. And in those shots that include his younger brother, it looks like he is learning the same posing lessons.

Today's shower song was 'In God We Still Trust'. We sang it last night at Chorale practice, so I am confident that is why it was still in my mind this morning. You can hear a version (by Diamond Rio) of it here.

Another music-related nugget I saw today notes that Paul Simon is considering retiring. After all, he is 74. I suppose he deserves the rest. Certainly, it's not like he needs the money. For now, though, he does have a new album. One thing is certain. His legacy is secure.

Someone else whose legacy is secure is Ben Affleck. OK, that may be a stretch, but he is famous enough that the Photoshop guy used him to complete someone's wish.

Would you trust a professional makeup artist to guide you to the best products you should use? They would certainly use expensive makeup stuff, wouldn't they? Well, that's not entirely true. This lady shares her favorite lip products from Walgreens. I see that she has related videos for other products such as base makeup and eye makeup, too.

Remember when I shared photos of our trip to NYC, staying just around the corner from Times Square. I do not recall thinking of it at the time, but what if I came across a Kellogg's Cereal cafe there? Would it have tempted me to go there for breakfast each day? I don't know, but if we return, I'll now have to make that call.

Can an inanimate object remind you of another inanimate object? Sure, why not? Here is a frozen lake that reminds me of a mask from a certain horror movie franchise.

Let's talk about aliens. That's what is happening in today's Clarity of Vision comic.

Now, let's talk about the rest of today, because it is time to wrap this up and start the day while we are fresh. While we are rested. While we still have the joie de vivre. Make it a Wondrous Wednesday.

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