Monday, June 13, 2016

For Sure Drones and Probably Groans

Is it because I was alone over the weekend that I am starting today's post with two recipes? We will start with our entree. Crock Pot Citrus-Soy Chicken Drumsticks. Sound intriguing? I was thinking that a crock pot recipe in the summer would be a good, non-oven-heating way to make a healthy meal.

Next is dessert. "Without a doubt, these are the BEST cinnamon rolls you’ll ever eat. These are the Famous Trilogy Cinnamon Rolls, and you NEED this recipe." You can see by the quotes that I did not say that. I have never tried them. However, that sentence did capture my attention, so we both might want to take a look at these cinnamon rolls.

You may remember that sometimes during the Spring and Summer, our Chorale will perform two concerts on Sunday. Yesterday was one of those days. The first place was really warm, but the second was not too bad. We sang ten songs at each place. Anyway, I am telling you this story because one of the songs really seemed pertinent to me yesterday. Before each song, the director tells a story or joke that lets him prepare their hearts for the message of our next song. Before we sang It is Well, he told the story about how it was written. In 1871, Horatio Spafford lost his son and his business. Two years later, his four daughters all drowned in a an accident. As he sailed over to get his wife, he had the captain wake him as they passed the spot where the daughters drowned. While he looked out over the ocean, the words to this song came to him. Yesterday, the song seemed to be reminding me that whatever happens in life, it is well with my soul. "When peace like a river, attendeth my way. When sorrows like sea billows roll; Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say, 'It is well, it is well with my soul.'"

I went to a local drone park on Saturday and had a guy fly my drone to make sure it works. It always seems to take off moving backwards and to the right. He gave me a couple of pointers that I am trying. Then, he flew his two drones (not at the same time) using point-of-view goggles and it was amazing. I took a photo of his gear (goggles, his transmitter, and the two drones) so I could ask about them at my local drone shop. The guy (Clark, BTW) said that the larger drone, in the middle of the shot, can carry a larger camera.

In our hotel room last week, there were a couple of prints that I liked, so I took snaps of them. Using Google's image search, I found that they are part of the Field Study series by Joro Petkov. Here they are:

Photoshop guru James is back with a new request. Are you excited? I'll give you a hint that this one involves the Titanic.

Can an inanimate bagel resemble a face? Of  course it can, or I would be mentioning it.

This seems like a perfectly logical way for Twitter to explain the plot of Lord of the Rings.

I found another Seattle gas station sign with words of wisdom. I couldn't find that I had shared this before, so if I have, enjoy it again.

Another of the road signs that I spotted during my recent vacation. This one is STOP.

I just found another inanimate object to share.

OK, we've done enough for this bright, shiny Monday. Let's "git 'er done." see you soon.

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