Thursday, July 07, 2016

What's Next? Gun-toting Grasshoppers?

You know, it always seems to be feast or famine when it comes to seeking out content to share with y'all. Yesterday was more of a feast. Today, well, let's just say we are both going to be a little hungry. I did not find anything I wanted to post. That does not mean that you won't hear from me, though. I can always find something to talk about.

First, I did not find any personal family photos last night to share. I was away from home for much of the night while MBH and I both got haircuts. Strangely, my head DOES feel a little lighter. Thanks for asking. As I was saying, though, I need to take a trip to replenish my photo backlog. Luckily, we do have a family reunion coming up.

One of the things that I am excited about is filming some of our activities (such as rebuilding the Yankee Boy dam along Sneffels Creek) using a drone. However, I was having trouble getting it all configured last night. I knew it was tricky trying to update firmware, but the paperwork said to make sure it was current before trying to fly. True, I did not start until almost 9pm following our haircuts, but I am running out of prep time. We'll see what happens tonight. I found a PDF that might help me get the update loaded. What did people needing help with troubleshooting do before the internet was around?

The other day, SS told me about Action Movie Kid. I watched the first video and his father did a great job of adding in special effects. I see there are more videos, but I haven't had a chance to watch them yet. That doesn't mean that you have to wait for me, though. Go ahead and watch them on your own.

Today's joke of the day is a twist on a classic:
Fortune-teller: For thirty-five dollars you may ask me two questions.
Customer: Isn't that a lot of money for just two questions?
Fortune-teller: Yes, it is. Now what's your second question?

My email just included a link that I want to share. So, please ignore my earlier comment of finding nothing, nada, zilch to share. Come on. How could I pass up an article about bomb-sniffing locusts. Yes, you did read that correctly. In reality, though, it is still about two years away.

Yesterday, after I posted the blog, I found a story about a Canadian man who fought off a black bear. She was protecting her cub. How did he do it? He knew that bears are right-handed. Somehow, I missed that fact back in my school days.

Another of the jokes that our Chorale director often tells is the following:
Seeking to boost church attendance, a new Baptist minister began making personal calls to the homes of his church members. One man, who had not been to the church in several months, was implored to join the congregation the following Sunday. It so happened that he was a producer of fine peach brandy and he said he would attend church, but only on condition that the pastor drink some of his brandy and, more importantly, admitted to doing so in front of the congregation. The pastor agreed and drank up.

That Sunday, as promised, the man attended the service and waited expectantly for the pastor to fulfill his part of the deal. After a few minutes, the pastor recognized him from the pulpit and declared with a visible smile, "I note with pleasure that Mr. Finnegan is here with us this morning. I want to thank him publicly for his hospitality this week and especially for the peaches he gave me and the spirit in which they were given."

 "Vivian? Where are you?" Oh, there you are, you sneaky little dachsie. Taking over the whole couch thanks to the Photoshop skills of your owner.

Nailed It! You've got to give this kid points for creativity as he transformed himself into The Thing.

No, I do not have a destination in mind as we drive in today's CoV. Maybe lunch? Anyway, I needed to have an announcer deliver a commercial.

I dragged today's post out as long as I dared. I need to reel it in now and fish for content again another day. You know, like maybe tomorrow. Until then, make is a Thrilling Thursday.

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