Monday, July 18, 2016

Comical, But No Comic

Did you notice that there were no blog entries over the past week. We were at a family reunion in Ouray, Colorado. It is a town we have been traveling to for over 30 years. This year, 42 of the 43 of us got together and had a great time of playing and 4-wheeling and visiting. I do have some photos that I will be sharing over the next few days.

First, here is the cabin that our family stayed in. Each of my siblings had a separate house, giving everyone a place they could go back to each night to recharge for the following day's activities. As you can see, ours was a multi-story place with plenty of room for the family. The window in the lower right was our room, The next up was the kitchen/dining area. And the top window was SS and D-I-L's bedroom.

It also had plenty of room for the drones. I call this one, "Daddy, can we go flying today?"

Oh, speaking of drones, there is a company that has built several based on Star Wars designs. You can read more about them here.

As I was saying before the drone story interjected itself, our cabin had a front deck and two rear decks. We spent time on at least one of them each day. This photo shows the back yard and the rear decks.

Here, you can see us starting our day on the lower rear deck.

I ate a lot more than I usually do during my normal week. So, now that we are back, I need to get back into my routine. I do have quinoa salad and a veggie salad for lunch the next couple of days. A niece made a good Asian Chicken Salad one day, and this sounds kind of like it. I may try it soon.

One of the things that I meant to do while on vacation was to find a new comic building tool to replace Bitstrips, which shut down earlier this month. With all the craziness of the reunion, I did not even think of it, so now, AI have no means to create a new Clarity of Vision. Maybe I can find something tonight?

Do you know John Morgan? He is part of Morgan and Morgan. Apparently, he sees the tongue-twisting challenge of saying his name as part of the company's name. Watch this video and be prepared to giggle.

A clever Subway restaurant sign.

And I found this inanimate object (a house) that looks like a face. Someone even added a caption.

And since I do not have a CoV, that ends today's time together. I can hardly wait until tomorrow, when we both see what I will share. Until then, have a Marvelous Monday.

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