Monday, November 03, 2014

It's A Sign of the Times

Ghosts and goblins and Frozen characters have come and gone for another year. Well, since the GRANDS have Anna and Elsa and Olaf costumes, I may see them before next Halloween. We had a good time trick-or-treating with them last Friday. I did not see anyone handing out vegan-friendly snacks, though. Where's the quinoa or spelt?

Do you include photos of signs when you travel? I am sort of hit and miss on that, but it does provide another option when you are making a video or book with the shots. In no particular chronological order, I have a few to share. First is a city street banner from Silverton, CO.

The next sign is a photo of the road in the 1880s and a photo of the same location from three weeks ago. I think those kinds of things are cool.

Related to older photos compared to newer ones, this person blended the shots together. One of them is where the Hindenberg crashed. And this person just holds up a photo against the modern location.

Another type of signs are those placed to explain the view form an overlook or monument. Here is one from Silverjack Reservoir.

Here is a sign explaining what we saw at the ruins of the Colorado Boy Mine.

And here is a sign of the times as interpreted by CoV.

Have you heard that they are releasing info about what the full photos from famous albums actually showed before the cropping? Take a look at these.

When is the last time you saw anything new about the Civil War? Ha, I still remember when the war happy we were. Anyway, this is a little video showing how the South really had little chance to win. I was watching it last night when MBH leaned over and asked, "Are you really watching that?" I confirmed that I was. She followed up with, "Is it interesting?" I will tell you what I told her. Yes, it is interesting if you like studying the Civil War.

As you have often seen, from both my blog and my comic, I enjoy learning and talking about words and their origins and usage. So, imagine my fascination to find a graphic talking about where the root words came from, including Greece, Russia, China, etc.

Did you watch any NFL football yesterday? We watched the AZ Cardinals take the Dallas Cowboys apart. I must admit some divided loyalties, but AZ is certainly the better team right now.

I read this morning that FOX canceled Utopia. Did you know it was even still on? NBC canceled Bad Judge and A to Z. I never saw a single episode of either of them.

According to Yahoo, there are seven team teams remaining with a realistic shot at winning the Super Bowl. The Broncos have the highest chance with the Cardinals and the Patriots following them. Right now, their model shows Denver vs AZ in the Super Bowl. That would be historic as no home team has ever been in the Super Bowl.

Monday is breaking out all around me. Someone new has moved into the cubicle next to me. A dude came by looking for one of my teammates. The data center hardware group is getting rowdy. So, I'm going to let y'all sneak out before you get caught and have to work. It's Marvelous Monday, my friends. Make it so.

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