Monday, November 24, 2014

Quinoa Day Is Around the Corner

We are coming up on Turkey Day, but for vegans, it is more likely quinoa day, or lentils day, or something. The family is planning dishes for each family to bring, but I will be carrying in my own scrumptious feast. Maybe just brown rice, quinoa, and Indian-style lentils, or maybe the Costco Quinoa Salad. I have not decided yet.

Have you wondered why rivers curve? That puzzler is so yesterday, but in case you do not know the answer, you can watch it here.

I did not look for any photos of my own to share, but I do have a link to National Park Photos and Products, some of which are pretty nice. Of course, Ansel Adams is represented. And here are a couple of the non-Adams shots (the third is there for ambience). I have captured almost those exact photos in UT and CA.

Calendar entry from 11/17/14
Assistant DA (questioning potential jurors): Could you return a verdict of guilty on the testimony of only one eyewitness?
Prospective Juror: No, I could not give a guilty verdict. The witness would have to have two eyes.

This article on is entitled 'Funny Church Signs', but they are more clever or cute than funny. So, if it is a belly laugh you want, go search for bloopers videos. I think a lot of those are funny.

At lunch yesterday (Chilis. It was just OK for my black bean burger), we were talking about the new look/feel of Facebook and how we are seeing a LOT more ads and that they are targeted to our online searches, etc. Anyway, this morning, I came across this article talking about ads posing as editorial content. I actually clicked on one earlier, then noticed the fine print saying it was sponsored content. Anyway, you can be sure it will get worse before it (maybe) gets better.

I did not find anything else captivating enough to share today, so let's call it a day (well, as far as reading this blog post. Most of us still have a whole workday pending). See you soon.

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