Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Turkey day Minus Two

It is almost that day that we celebrate by "stuffing" ourselves and getting so full that we waddle like a "turkey". Today, you should reach out to everyone who is contributing to that meal to confirm they are all clear on what they should bring. However, I do not recommend that anyone try to eat over 9lbs. of turkey in 10 minutes like Joey Chestnut did.

Yesterday, I was asked how I was doing and I stated, "OK for a Monday." We then traded comments until I knew what today's Clarity of Vision was going to be.

Do you like to parallel park? How large of a space do you need? Could you do it if you only had 3.1" of clearance...on both sides (that's only 1.5 inches on each end)? Watch this guy do it in 10 seconds.

The blog is still buzzing about the catch made by Odell Beckham against the Cowboys on Sunday. In fact, it seems to have already become an internet meme. Take a look at this.

And there are stories wondering if this was perhaps the greatest NFL catch ever. Here is a story documenting many of those catches and making the call that, no, the Beckham catch is NOT the greatest ever. The Helmet Catch wins.

This is a cool video where a guy catches a tree exploding with hundreds of starlings taking off at the same time.

What? No Budweiser Clydesdale commercial at this year's Super Bowl? This is madness. Craziness. Ludicrosity.

Don't you hate it when you are in a bathroom at the airport and a naked man falls through the ceiling? I know that I do. I don't even want a naked woman falling through the ceiling. Speaking of bathroom usage, there is a bus in the UK that actually uses human waste for fuel. Ah yes, the sweet smell of success, right?

Someone has created the Game of Phones. It sounds like you would need to really know your phone to win, including selfies, emojis, etc. I cannot even type one-handed on it, although TD says she does so almost exclusively.

I don't have any photos for you today, but I did take a look at one of the site selling photos and art. Take a look at this screenshot. Which one do you like and why? Could you say? Do you prefer Ocean views? Mountains? B&W or color? Bright colors or muted? A scene leading you into the unknown or a homey, welcoming destination? For me, I would say either Adam's classic Tetons photo (a personal favorite after which I patterned my Zion photo) or the Grist Mill surrounded by fall's beauty.

Sorry. I rambled on too long. Let's meet again one more time before Thanksgiving, OK. If you don't make it back, though, have a nice holiday and enjoy your family time.

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