Thursday, December 08, 2016

I'm Telling Myself It is Only a Cough

Last night, I tossed and turned all night with a nagging cough. Don't you hate that? As a way to pass the time, I ended up thinking about Hamilton, the musical, which then led me to think of the other major, political musical that I have seen. Do you know what it was? Sure, 1776. It looks like I first saw it in 1970 in Dallas and it was amazing. Probably as exciting back then as Hamilton seems right now.

I don't think that I mentioned that one of my aunts passed away last week. The folks and Architect Bro and his wife attended her funeral. She has had Alzheimer's for some time, so the last couple of times I saw her, she did not remember me. Man, that disease is such a challenge to deal with, probably for the person afflicted as well as those of us who interact with them. Let's pray that some research will lead to a breakthrough in treatments.

Don't you feel sorry for this dog?

I must have missed this episode of Family Feud.

I liked this view of town because it highlights the American flag flying on the mountain south of town. The street you see in the middle of town is, you guessed it, Main St.

This is the sign at the overlook where we stopped for the flag photo.

Who want to see one of those great Pinterest fails? I know that I do. If you don't, skip over the next image right now.

I hope you are ready for Christmas because your shopping days are almost over. I hope mine are all purchased, too. I'll have to check with MBH on that.

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