Monday, February 06, 2017

Where's Your Chutzpah?

Chutzpah? No, I am not talking about some exotic vegetable, nor even those cute little dolls you win at carnival games. I am talking about guts, nerves, boldness. I am also including self-confidence. Earlier this week, I suddenly got an email that 2 of my 5 projects had been transferred to a different manager. I admit it made me concerned about my boss' boss' interpretation of my skills. Luckily, my boss said they he and his boss both need me to really focus right now on the 3 that are well along in their lifecycle, and the newest team member needed a couple of projects just starting so he can work them from the start.Whew!

People who live in a warm/hot climate can certainly relate to this photo:

On the cover of Apple laptops is an illuminated emblem of the apple. A market has grown around tickers for Apple laptops that showcase the apple in clever ways. You can see some here.

I throught this little poster was kind of funny.

I am watching the Super Bowl as I write this post. The Patriots have scored 25 unanswered point in the second half and the game is tied. I thought for sure that the Falcons were going to dethrone them. I am now much less confident. At least we get to see the first ever overtime in Super Bowl history. BTW, Lady Gaga's halftime show wasn't too bad.

This weekend, we had family come down from Seattle and we joined KLIK+JV and our visitors at the zoo on Saturday. We had a lot of fun. However, a nephew was NOT happy that there are no penguins at our zoo.

Salesman Son thinks I would enjoy Black Mirror on Netflix. Have you seen it? One site described the series as "a hybrid of The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected which taps into our contemporary unease about our modern world." So, I will be checking that out. And an ad for a new FX show, Legion, looks interesting, too. Well, as my family notes, it "sounds like something you would watch." Plus, The Walking Dead is back. Whoo hoo.

No, I have not found a tool yet for creating new comics. I just now checked and my former tool is still offline.

Otherwise, I am not finding much to share right now. So, I thought about not publishing until I get more, but who knows how long that could be. So, here's a little update.

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